Bio-Fueling a Trade War

Interesante artículo en el Wall Street Journal sobre las malas prácticas proteccionistas de Europa con los biofuels .

Bio Fueling a Trade War ,

The “Renewable Energy Directive” pushes the European Union to generate increasing amounts of energy from green, renewable sources, including biofuels. A good idea in principle. But European biofuel producers—fearful of increased competition from the U.S. and Asia—succeeded in pressuring Brussels to restrict imports of biofuels from abroad. The Commission wants to impose onerous production standards on Asian and Western Hemisphere biofuels that wouldn’t apply to European producers. What’s more, a coalition that includes European biofuel producers and NGOs are pushing the EU to use the so-called Indirect Land Use Change policies to further discriminate against U.S. biofuels. Indirect Land Use Change is a fundamentally flawed concept whereby European government bureaucrats would seek to punish biofuel producers—in this case American—for the supposed indirect impact that their production has on land use and food prices in the developing world. The problem is that this is virtually impossible to calculate accurately and objectively, which leaves too much room for protectionist tinkering with the numbers.


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